Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I usually hold on to books and cherish them forever, but I had a paperback that I just didn't enjoy at all. I vaguely remember that it was a mystery/thriller - kind of dark and not well written, IMHO. I didn't hate anyone enough to pass the affliction/book to, so instead of tossing said book into the recycle bin, I decided to use it in my art projects. Let's just say that the book has gotten it's revenge in the form of some shocking and hilarious OOPS moments in my cards!

I sent out one card last year with a background page from the book that told about a religious ritual, it was kind of weird to begin with but I didn't notice it when I was creating. It was only later that I noticed that the parts of the page that showed made it read like it was from that 50 Shades book... (There were a couple of cards like that. See if you can spot one in an earlier post I made today...)

I used yet another page from the book as a background paper on a card similar to the one below. The chapter mentioned an autopsy in a morgue. It wasn't graphic or overly morbid so I didn't think twice about using it. However, when I glued my stamped image on the page most of the writing was covered up and what phrases remained uncovered, made it read like a steamy bedroom scene... Thankfully a well placed snowflake covered enough writing to make it innocent again, LOL. 
So I really should have known better than to use pages from this book on the red and green holiday ATC shown above... See if you can spot the horrific problem. It kind of jumps out at you... (Personally, I thought the two figures on this stamp looked more like little darlings than little bast**ds...)

The moral of this story is always read the pages before you use them in your artwork!!! However, you know I'll never remember to do that... So... If I ever accidentally send one of these unnoticed oopsies to you, I hope it doesn't offend and instead gives you a good laugh!!! Maybe with a bit of luck, you won't even notice!

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Angel W said...

Ha ha ha! That's so funny! I double checked the one you sent me and there was nothing "questionable"!! LOL These are adorable!