Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I usually hold on to books and cherish them forever, but I had a paperback that I just didn't enjoy at all. I vaguely remember that it was a mystery/thriller - kind of dark and not well written, IMHO. I didn't hate anyone enough to pass the affliction/book to, so instead of tossing said book into the recycle bin, I decided to use it in my art projects. Let's just say that the book has gotten it's revenge in the form of some shocking and hilarious OOPS moments in my cards!

I sent out one card last year with a background page from the book that told about a religious ritual, it was kind of weird to begin with but I didn't notice it when I was creating. It was only later that I noticed that the parts of the page that showed made it read like it was from that 50 Shades book... (There were a couple of cards like that. See if you can spot one in an earlier post I made today...)

I used yet another page from the book as a background paper on a card similar to the one below. The chapter mentioned an autopsy in a morgue. It wasn't graphic or overly morbid so I didn't think twice about using it. However, when I glued my stamped image on the page most of the writing was covered up and what phrases remained uncovered, made it read like a steamy bedroom scene... Thankfully a well placed snowflake covered enough writing to make it innocent again, LOL. 
So I really should have known better than to use pages from this book on the red and green holiday ATC shown above... See if you can spot the horrific problem. It kind of jumps out at you... (Personally, I thought the two figures on this stamp looked more like little darlings than little bast**ds...)

The moral of this story is always read the pages before you use them in your artwork!!! However, you know I'll never remember to do that... So... If I ever accidentally send one of these unnoticed oopsies to you, I hope it doesn't offend and instead gives you a good laugh!!! Maybe with a bit of luck, you won't even notice!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did I Mention that I LOVE Julie Nutting Stamps?

If you want to see more pictures of the upcoming Prima Julie Nutting release and some awesome samples using them, head on over to the Prima blog:
Here are some Holiday cards that I've made with the Prima doll stamps. (I warn you: They aren't nearly as cool as the samples on the Prima blog, LOL.)
Halloween cards:

A Holiday ATC:

My 2013 Christmas Cards:
I realized, about a week after I mailed my Christmas cards, that I completely forgot to add the planned embellishments to the skirt ruffle. I'm blaming it on the extreme cold weather spell we had at the time - I had a genuine brain freeze, LOL! Good thing the cards looked OK without the extra sparkle...

This  tag can also be used as a bookmark:

I'm disappointed that so little sparkle shows up in these scans of my winter cards... I promise you that they have lots of glitz in person!
I used pearl card stock for the layers on the skirt and the headband. I used glittered card stock for the bodice and the ruffles on the bottom of the skirt.  I then added some Stickles to the background paper for some extra sparkle.

I LOVE Julie Nutting Stamps!!!!

I've made it no secret to all my stamping friends that the Julie Nutting Doll stamps by Prima are my most favorite stamps right now!!! I am having so much fun with them!!!!! 

By the way, if you have never stamped with one of Prima's unmounted stamps - they are the best stamping stamps I have ever used! I get a crisp, clear perfect image every time! (And no, I am not getting paid to say that, LOL!)

Prima has released a sneak peek of their soon to be released products and I am seriously coveting all the new Julie Nutting items! 

Have a look at all the new goodies:
 Click on the photo to see more sneak peeks on Prima's Blog.

More Envelope Art and Prima Anticipation!

I found this fun dog envelope idea on Pinterest. I made the face totally different and left the severed mailman's arm out of his mouth to make him more original (and a little less rabid looking.) I think he kind of resembles that piano playing dog from the Muppets. Purely unintentional I assure you...
This is my Circus theme envelope:
I am sorry parts of the pictures are cut off - the envelope was way too big for my scanner. It is a hybrid of stamped images and clip art.  I originally wanted to color the grass and sky with my Copics but all my green markers ran dry and I hadn't purchased refills for them yet. I ended up stippling color on instead... It did the job - but I am not overly thrilled with how it turned out.
Do you know what I am thrilled with? Prima's soon-to-be released goodies! They have been sharing sneak peeks over on their blog and I just had to re-post a picture of these cool Junkyard Findings and Shabby Chic Treasures!
Click on the photo to see the rest of the sneak peeks on Prima's Blog.

Halloween 2013!

It wouldn't be a Halloween card from me if I hadn't used a Penny Black dog or cat image on it, LOL. I do have lots of fun with these stamps!

The envelope art I came up with for the Halloween theme and a matching card:

Yep! Still Catching Up!

Here are the birthday cards and tags that I sent out in 2013:

I saw some darling mini cards posted over on the Hero Arts Flickr Group a few years back. I'd been dying to make some ever since! I had so much fun making these min thank you cards with scraps and leftover images!!!! I can't wait to make some more!

Think Outside the Stamp!

I am a firm believer in thinking outside the stamp. I enjoy trying to mix and match my stamped images to create something new. Okay, enjoy may not be the correct word... Truthfully, my creativity usually comes out of sheer panic and desperation because I don't quite ever seem to have the exact image I want for the projects that I have planned out in my head, LOL. 

For instance, I found a darling card idea over at Splitcoaststampers that I wanted to CASE. I wanted a cute girl image that I could color with my Copics to use on this card. The only cute girl stamp I had that was the correct size needed was a Halloween stamp made by Stampendous. Unfortunately, it was not Halloween time... So I stamped and colored the image, cut off the hat and the pumpkin she was holding. Then I simply glued a different stamped hat image on her head and replaced the pumpkin with a stamped purse. Tada! A totally different look! I challenge you to look at your stamps in a different way! They may be more versatile than you think! And the more versatility you find in a stamp, the better the excuses you have to purchase it! You are welcome! ;-)

More Catching Up...

Now that it's officially 2014, I should probably get caught up with posting all the swap cards and ATCs that I've made in the previous year(s)...

Some matching cards and ATCs:
More Spring ATCs:

Most of the card ideas in this post were CASEd from and/or Inspired by fabulous artist's over at Splitcoaststampers.  The fun part of casing is taking an idea that you love and adapting it to the stamps, papers and tools that you have in your own collection. While the idea might not be originally yours, you can making something original from it!
This little doggy has been stranded on a deserted island. Luckily he remembered to bring his three favorite books with him: "Catfish Recipes", "Fishing 4 Dummies" and "Swiss Family Roverson!"

As you may have noticed, this Penny Black dog stamp is one of my favorites! I use him on cards several times a year - he is just so versatile! I love coming with new things for him to do!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Envelope Art!

We've swapped inchies, art dolls and chubby book pages. This year we are swapping envelope art!
The theme for our first envelope was Spring. I took my inspiration from a lovely sugared egg that one of my swap partners sent me several years back.
I printed the address on the lavender piece of card stock tucked inside the envelope. When pulled out, it reveals the hidden scene inside the egg.
I used an egg pattern and a stamp positioner to create the "piping" around the edge. I used Microglitz "Moon Dust" glitter by PK Glitz to create the sugar on the egg. I think I might have cheated by putting it in a clear envelope to protect it during mailing. ;o)

Final Catch Up Post!

I know what you are thinking as you have been looking at my blog... "Joy it has been three years and you still haven't figured out how to clean the gunk off of your scanner?!?!"  Well, I am happy to report that I purchased some glass cleaning wipes this week and will attempt to rectify this situation soon. However, some upcoming posts may contain cards I have already scanned which may have some spots from scanner smudges on them. You have been warned, LOL.
These are some cards that I have made for
miscellaneous swaps over the past several years:
The following cards are my favorites!
I decided to make this circus train card at the last minute for a swap. The scans shown are of my prototype (Please ignore the marker smear on the back of the lion, my hand slipped!) Sadly, I didn't scan the better final version that I made. Thankfully, you can see the final card and how it stands up in a photo that my swap partner posted on her blog. (While you are there, take time to look at all her awesome paper craft and quilted creations! She is a fabulous artist! You won't regret it!)
I have to say that this was the most fun I have ever had making a card! I may just have to revisit this idea and make more animal cars for the train!
Well, that is it for the catch up posts.  My next posts will show what I've been working on recently.
Thank you for being patient and thank you for looking!